The Wall-Mounting Hybrid System Complete With The Inverter For New Photovoltaic Plants

  • G.STORE is an hybrid system complete with the inverter for the new or outdated photovoltaic plants
  • G.STORE is the perfect solution to store the exceeding energy as to use it during the evening/night/day instead of giving it to the grid, thus maximising self-consumption
  • G.STORE is equipped with Li-Fe-PO4 batteries with a modular capacity from 2,4 to 9,6 kWh with deliverable power from 2.500 to 5.000 W AC
  • G.STORE can feed households (EPS mode) without stopping the PV production in case of black-out
  • G.STORE is equipped with a monitoring system, which is free for 7 years
  • G.STORE is Italian


TELEASSISTANCE Free remote control via web for 7 years
MONITORING SYSTEM Monitoring system via App through PC, tablet, and smartphone both for the installer and the final user. Free for 7 years.
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi system (GPRS connection possible, ask if needed)
GUARANTEE 7 years (extendable to 10) on the complete machine tied to the remote control system included in the price



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