Frequently Asked Questions
Can your ESS be installed on existing PV plants?
Sure, we’ve got DC (STON) or AC (Zon.E) side retrofitting ESS
Have you got ESS that can be linked to new PV plants?
Yes, Ra.Store K & Ra.Store 3 are engineered to substitute a normal inverter and allow you to store excessive energy from your new PV plant.
How much do your products cost?

Ask for a price here

What kind of batteries are you using?

LiFePO4, Lithium-Iron-Phosphate, the most used technology in the residential energy storage system market. Our modules do not require any maintenance and, if intelligently managed (as we do), they’re the most durable.

What's the battery lifespan?

10+ years. We guarantee 70% residual capacity after 10 years.

Do the batteries perform well even after many years?

The batteries go through a normal usage during their life cycle, that said our technology allows us to endure the lifespan through specific and patented battery management system logics.

How much can a battery be discharged?

Our batteries have a DoD (Depth of Discharge) of 80% in normal conditions, 90% in EPS mode.

Do your batteries work at constant tension?

The tension difference from 20% to 100% charge is 2%

How do the batteries get dismantled at the end of their life cycle?

We have partnered with plethora of companies working in recycle and reuse to get rid of worn batteries. Our batteries can be recycled up to 90% in materials.