The new system for those who have or don’t have a a photovoltaic plant:

  • All-in-one.

  • Capacity from 2,4 to 9,6 kWh.

  • Power from 2,5 to 5 kW.

  • Back-up Power.

The day never ends.

Zon.E is an energy storage system that can operate even without a PV plant. It sums up the PV plant power to the energy storage one to avoid overpowering the grid and provoke power shortages, thanks to its sensors both before and after the inverter it can monitor the whole house energy flow through ATON-CARE APP. It is compact in size and totally silent, the best partner for your house PV plant.

Zon.E uses LiFePO4 batteries with state of the art performance that need no maintenance with a guaranteed life cycle of more than 10 years

The 2,5 kWh battery modules get checked one by one on our test benches in ATON facilities before we put them into our systems. This allows us to extend the standard warranty to 7 years (upgradeable). The system’s modularity is a core characteristic of our efficiency/ effectiveness idea: having a smaller than optimal capacity doesn’t allow reaching the maximum possible saving because a lot of the energy made by the PV plant will be sold to the grid (at a low price), in the meantime an excessive capacity compared to the PV plant leads to efficiency problems in the long term (because batteries won’t be charged fully). Not to little, not too big: just right, that’s the way we do it.

Zon.E is constantly connected to the ATON Storage net to be monitored 24/7, it can communicate anomalies and malfunctioning so the technical team can intervene and restore full capabilities in no time. Read more about ATON-CARE.

Technical features:
Dimensions (LxHxD in mm): 590x485x965
Capacity: from 2,5 to 9,6 kWh modular (maintaining outside dimensions).
All-in-One: no additional devices required in standard installation.
Output: from 2 to 5 kW.
Warranty: 7 years* on every component, 24/7 active monitoring with remote management.
Forecasting features

*Warranty extensible to 10 years.

Minimum exchange

PV energy provides mainly the home, the possible energy excess charges the batteries. Stored energy helps keeping everything online during low or no solar power and during high power uptakes. Discharges and withdrawals to and from the grid are kept to a minimum.


Stored energy is used in scheduled times (time shifting): in the other hours of the day the battery gets only recharged, even buying from the grid (optional) when the needs are low. This allows focusing the stored energy use on the highest needs hours and facing planned power shortages.

Predict and Protect

Some energy is stored in the battery – eventually buying from the grid (optional) – to use it when the system foresees high energy consumption or absorption compared to production (peak-shaving). It makes use of provisional models based on weather forecast, historical consumption data and machine learning.

Buying and selling

In different scheduled hours the battery gets fully charged gathering from both PV and grid and then discharged (optional), selling to the grid or powering the house. Useful during a holiday trip or to exploit energy cost differences between time frames.

Rescue Mode

In the event of a grid malfunction, the utilities are powered by quickly activating the Off-Grid output.



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